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M. Elaine Hopkins

It could be said that Elaine Hopkins Elain Hopkins doesn’t believe in intervention. For this veteran educator, continuous improvement may be a better descriptor, for this is how she lives. Considering the many years Elaine spent compiling student-made booklets for kindergarten classes and later for her grans, it should be no surprise that she was first teacher and later author.

     After early retirement, Elaine began volunteering extensively in the community as well as in schools where she also substituted. It was this particular experience of returning to the classroom that she witnessed far too many youth failing, being distracted, or not working to their potentials. With a life-long passion and a desire to see students succeed, this retired teacher, almost magically, advanced her 3-R’s career into a character-based project that has become RUN AND CATCH YOUR DREAM, her 1st book of the Gran Gran Series. Having taken on the role of both grandparents, the author’s grandchildren quickly embraced Grandmother Elaine to represent both grandmother and grandfather. This, in due course, launched the beginning of the Gran Gran Series. The book, being a part of Elaine’s Gran Gran Series is self-titled in honor of the name her grandchildren, Nicholas, Rebecca, & Stephanie have given her (Gran Gran).

     The book, RUN AND CATCH YOU DREAM, is a delightful story, beautifully illustrated and designed to encourage youth to make good choices. Rex, the key character in the story, excels in sports but he needs to improve in other areas, especially in school. As parents and teachers, as well as students, read and enjoy this book, they will easily identify with the lessons it teaches and how it embraces life’s typical issues. The author parlays her message of accountability in her book which features young Rex whose character and ambition are tested. Additionally, obedience, healthy eating, proper hygiene, and excelling in school are all expectations of his parents and coaches, as well as his teachers. This book, beautifully illustrated, creatively embraces students’ inner qualities as a person plus it teaches them how making good decisions causes dreams to become fulfilled. Teachers and parents, alike will readily embrace the following lessons including in the book:

  • Make your parents proud
  • Be respectful and honest
  • Make good choices
  • Obey your parents/school officials
  • Practice good eating habits/table manners
  • Strive to excel in school
As kids spend time with Rex and his friends, they, too, will...

Soar high in the clouds,
Make your parents proud.
Excel in school,
Spread your wings, now...


     Now an author, whose classroom has expanded exponentially, Elaine is spreading a message of hope and encouragement to school age children, parents and guardians alike. Her advice to parents is a reminder of their powerful influence. She often challenged them to “ leave the light on” each morning as kids leave for school by using up-lifting words and a hug. Your very last words to them should frame their state of minds for the course of the day. If the people who love them fail to send them off to school full of hope and self-confidence, they may be ill-prepared and unproductive throughout the school day.

     Throughout her career, Elaine was blessed to experience a number of years of working with different children in different schools, churches, civic organizations and a variety of community-based programs. Her fondest memories were at Cornerstone Missionary Baptist Church where she experienced years directing a successful Learning Enrichment Program servicing neighboring youths. Her conclusion of children was that their needs were all basically the same: they all need guidance and security; they all need love.

Additional Author Information

  • Education: Elizabeth City State University…BS degree in Education; Early Childhood Certification at East Carolina University
  • ECSU Miss Alumni Queen 1998-1999
  • Served on the Board of Directors for the General Alumni Association
  • Awarded Outstanding Christian/Education by the City of Greenville, NC
  • Church: Berean Baptist Church at The Garden of Millbrook on 2400 E. Millbrook Rd.
  • Affiliations: Raleigh-Durham Wake Alumni of ECSU; Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, INC
  • Family: Cassandra (Brian) & André (Reneé) both with families

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