Run And Catch Your Dream


In RUN AND CATCH YOUR DREAM, young Rex loved playing sports and he excelled in his games. Nevertheless, he had behavior problems at home as well as neglected his school work. When his admired skill in sports became threatened he made a positive change with his school work and his attitude. He realized that being more responsible and making better choices were the solutions to achieving his life’s dreams.

As Rex began to make noticeable improvements, others began to follow his lead in running to catch his dream.

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What Others Are Saying About the Book

"RUN AND CATCH YOUR DREAM" is a wonderful book about a boy who needs to make the right choices to get what he wants. His parents assist him and he sees how to do what's right and succeeds in achieving his goal. - Laura R. Champion; daughter Katy age 9

What a cute story with such an important message! Great illustrations and wonderful story. - Jenni Roberson; K-5 Math Coach

A wonderful book that will motivate children. - Florence Frances

"RUN AND CATCH YOUR DREAM" is an excellent book for young readers. It addresses some core values and universal themes. -J.T. Holmes

"RUN AND CATCH YOUR DREAM" is a delightful book that teaches a valuable lesson that all children should learn at an early age. An excellent resource for teachers - C. Edwards

I really enjoy sharing this book wth other teachers and students. Students will and can achieve if they will "RUN AND CATCH YOUR DREAM". - E. Perry

This is a book that motivates a child to develop an attitude to strive for the best in life. - Unidentified

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This character-based book has been endorsed by the Wayne County Public Schools.

There are posters and students activities that make up a packet to accompany the series.

Friends to the Rescue


FRIENDS TO THE RESCUE is a chapter book written for middle school students. As the story develop, Rex sets out to uncover an uneasy concern that he has kept quiet about. As a result, his elective class began studying the causes of bullying and how to combat the national concern. The classroom settings present excellent opportunities for students to openly share their personal experiences or feelings about bullying.

Putting this book aside once you have begun reading it, is not an option. Factors surrounding bullying that the class studied in the story are:

  • Recognizing bullying
  • Having the courage to speak up when witnessing bullying
  • How to combat bullying
  • Studying why people bully others
  • Features of the book are:
  • Endorsement reviews
  • Brief character descriptions
  • Student activities
  • Questions about the book
  • Games and activities for over 270 SAT words
  • Student self-help quiz

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About the Characters


BEN - When Ben and his family moved from India into Rex’s neighborhood, the two became instant friends. Realizing Ben regretted leaving his India friends, his parents surprised him with a new friend. Ben was a pleasant addition to the student body at GG Dream School.


DANIELLE - Danielle, a bright sixth grader, gets along well with her peers even though she blames herself for her best friend’s unfortunate incident. Her future prospects are promising and she has supportive parents.


MONIQUE - Monique, being the youngest in the Elective class, is eight years old and very talented. Although she is portrayed as being smart and studious, her youth and innocence is sometimes revealed. She is well-liked and has been able to blend well with older students as well as having earned their respect.

Mrs. Sharpe

MRS. SHARPE - Mrs. Sharpe is the middle school elective teacher who exhibited the courage to teach the course on Bullying. She is well-respected by her co-workers and quite popular by the students at GG Dream School. Mrs. Sharpe finalized Part 1 of the elective by challenging everybody to make the communities and schools a safer environment.


JIM - Jim, the spokesman of the “Faithful Four”, was actually a bright kid; however, he had friends who were trouble makers. He just wanted to be part of a family, even if it was at school. This was his third foster home and he was tired of changing schools. Jim’s desire to feel part of a real family caused him to make bad choices.


REX - In FRIENDS TO THE RESCUE, Rex has matured and is portrayed as being a stellar student, loyal to his friends. Thanks to his parents, teachers and other mentors, he is now able to balance sports, make good decisions and consistently makes good grades in school.


TYSON - Tyson is a St. Bernard dog that Ben’s parents gave him just prior to leaving India. He is a service dog used for therapy treatment for patients suffering with life-threatening illnesses. Tyson was a pleasant surprise when he visited GG Dream School.

From The Author

Elaine is available for author visits, book signings, and other book presentations at schools, churches and other community groups involving families. Both books can be found at Wake County Public Libraries.

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